Friday, 22 April 2016

Spring 2016 Animation Demo Reel

Storyboards, Illustrations, and Designs

Girl Next Galaxy is a short film in development about young love and forced separation between a lonely earth boy and a carefree alien girl.
Below you will find the designs, the color script, a slice of the storyboard, and the animatic/ key animation.

Sherlock Holmes (Pre-Credits Opener)
Sherlock ponders the cause for Werewolves.

Wiz High Excerpt
Vix the Witch and clag the beast consume strange medicine to overcome a time bomb.

(Wiz High and characters property of Andy Bartlett)

Shapes in the Dark
A young adventurer explores the ruins of an abandoned genetics lab, but what follows?An animatic I made to study light and shadow.

Starbuster is another short film/ concept I am working on, involving a married super couple who were once a magical girl (think Sailor Moon) and a masked hero (think power rangers), forced out of retirement once more.

Additional Illustrations & Misc.